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Who We Are

We believe that a solid foundation and a clear mission are critical to long term success.  We are focused on getting to know our clients and understanding their objectives, and it’s our mission to be the first person you want to call when you need advice for your operation.

We serve as a trusted business advisor for organizations of all sizes, providing advice and counsel on everything from routine HR matters to professional development and culture management.

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My Background 

I'm Teagan Dow, and I'm the founder of Mariner HR. 

In 2012, I started my career as an attorney at one of the largest law firms in the country.  Despite my start in litigation, I gravitated toward consulting because it married my professional skills and personal values.  Once a case concluded, I found my clients calling me back asking for advice to prevent the next lawsuit.  Sometimes I think my calling actually found me.


Growing up in New England, like any working class kid, I worked a myriad of odd jobs to put myself through school and make ends meet.  Making pizza, bartending, teaching swim lessons, coaching rugby, you name it.  To this day, this experience continues to inform my values and the advice I provide.


My approach to business dovetails best practices with real life experience to provide realistic, yet legally compliant solutions for organizations from all walks of life. The legal field is very black and white, and my blue collar background taught me that for most business owners, realistic solutions are anything but. 


You have a business to run today.  I find real purpose in rolling up my sleeves and helping my clients tackle problems head-on.  A small business owner needs more than 'it depends' for advice.  When the s$*#% hits the fan, you want to hear 'here's what we're going to do."  At Mariner HR, I'm right there in the trenches with my clients.  I get it.  I'm a small business owner too after all.

I believe in creating workplaces that put people first.  I've had a bad boss or two.  I've navigated the challenges of being woman and mother in big law.  With over a decade of exposure to the inner workings of organizations of all sizes, I've learned a few things about organizational culture.  I am deeply committed to helping folks find a way to meet their goals while also cultivating a culture that benefits their people. There is a reason that the most inclusive, employee-friendly organizations tend to be the most successful.  Every day, it's a privilege to use my experience to help businesses and their employees thrive.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Maine, where I captained the women's rugby team and met my husband Bill, an engineering student and fellow rugby player.  After I graduated from Suffolk Law in Boston, we moved west to California where we lived for a decade, working in our careers, and yes, still playing rugby.  During COVID, we moved our family back to my husband's hometown in Saco, ME where we live today with our three wild children and our rescue pup Georgia.  

Meet Mariner

It can be hard naming a business. Despite our location in a beautiful coastal Maine community, inspiration came from much closer to home.  In our house, Mariner is family.  Mariner brings half a decade of experience providing emotional support and serving as a trusted confidant to a spirited little girl and proudly serves as our mascot.  

Who I Help

My clients range from small start ups, to large companies.  If your issue relates to workforce management, operations, business planning, or basic small business administration, I'd love to help.

Where I Work

My virtual office lets me service clients all over the country.  While I largely service clients throughout New England and Southern California, through Zoom, document sharing, email/text message, I can be there for my clients 24-7. 

How it works

Depending on your needs, I offer three options.  We offer monthly retainer plans that take the guess work out of your budgeting.  I also offer hourly and flat fee packages for HR Support and project work.

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